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Creating Transparent Images ?

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  • Creating Transparent Images ?

    Could somebody post a guide to creating Transparent images for AutoPlay Menu Studio 2.0 using Paint Shop Pro 6.02.

    For some reason, AutoPlay displays the image with a white background and totally ignores the Transparent option.

    I go to the Image Button Properties menu,
    I select the image’s background and tell AutoPlay Menu which bit I want to be transparent (Using the mouse pointer and crosshairs) I know I have done this bit correct because I can see the colour change in the preview box.

    I have made sure that the checkbox is checked.

    When I go back to the main screen my image has a white background even though I just saw a grey background in the previous menu.

    I am sure I am doing something wrong when I am creating the images in the first place with Paint Shop Pro.

    Please help.

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    Re: Creating Transparent Images ?

    Please refer to the chapter "Understanding Graphic Images" in the users guide.

    Using Paint Shop Pro create a blank picture with nothing but some text on it, then save this picture as a .bmp file. Use this picture in AutoPlay and see if you are having the same problems.

    if there is any more information you can post it will definately help to solve your problem.

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