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Error when trying to create link

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  • Error when trying to create link

    The file I want to start from the welcome page is called home.pdf
    Under the Action Tab I have:
    Command: Execute Program
    Target: %SrcDrv%\home.pdf
    Command line arguements: blank
    working directory: %srcdrv%
    The file home.pdf is in the root directory of my CD.
    The Welcome screen appears when I insert the CD. When I click on the link, I get the error message:
    E:\My Documents\Hiking CD-Rom\home.pdf
    The specified file was not found.
    I do not have the sub-directories My Documents\Hiking CD-Rom on the CD.
    This was the path when I created the home.pdf on my C drive. Why is it looking for sub-directories that don't exist?

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    Re: Error when trying to create link

    First of all, to open a pdf document you should be using Open Document, not Execute Program.

    Are you running the menu from your hard drive or from a CD? Does the pdf document startup and then give that error or is that given by your menu itself when the link is clicked.