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tryint to print htm file, HELP!

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  • tryint to print htm file, HELP!

    ok, I'm going nuts here. I'm making a CD that has tons of pictures for the user to browse through. First I wanted to let the user click a print button that would allow them to print the selected Jpeg. But when the print button is clicked the computer uses Microsoft Photo Editor to print the jpeg and it opens it up at 300dpi (put the pics were taken at 72dpi, so the pic comes out like an inch wide). Argg! So I thought I'd convert all of the jpegs to Htm files and use the "print document" function in autoplay. But when the project is previewed or built, I get the message "object not found". This is bull because if I use the "open document" function it opens right up, so it's not a path problem. it just doesn't want to print the htm. HELP!

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    Re: tryint to print htm file, HELP!


    Do you receive the "Object Not Found" error message from within AutoPlay or is it generated external to the menu? Does this error give a path? If so what is it?

    Perhaps the path you are using in your Print Document contains a spelling error?

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