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AMS 4 - do I get......?

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  • AMS 4 - do I get......?

    In the new version, will I get:

    1. to build a flash page as an intro?
    2. to use flash on a page within a menu?
    3. embed a mpeg4 video in the same way as avi's are done now?
    4. to embed links in text boxes?
    5. a serious tutorial for activeX controls?
    (for those of us who don't have a clue)
    6. to start learning all over again?



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    Re: AMS 4 - do I get......?

    I JUST WANT TO GET IT???? PRETTY PLEASE WITH a cherry and CASH on top???????

    4.0 where are you????


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      Re: AMS 4 - do I get......?

      AMEN AKHacker!!!!!



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        Re: AMS 4 - do I get......?

        I bet there are a couple of us willing to BETA TEST, right????


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          Re: AMS 4 - do I get......?

          I have a project coming up in the next few weeks that will need the active list box technology. How soon will AMS4 be available? Will Click-n-Learn upgrade their tutorial? Will the beta be robust enough to use in a live job? (I only need the List Box)


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            Re: AMS 4 - do I get......?


            In response to your original questions:

            1. Yes.
            2. Yes.
            3. Maybe; any video format supported by Media Player will be available.
            4. No, but you will be able to embed IE4+ web browser right in your menu so you can do hyperlinks with straight HTML.
            5. There is nothing that you really need to know about ActiveX controls to use AMS40. Although it does use the Flash, Media Player and IE4 ActiveX controls, we have taked care of the details for you. No nitty-gritty COM stuff for you!
            6. No. If you are used to v3.0, v4.0 will not be any harder to use. In fact, we have added so many UI enhancements that you will be making applications faster than ever.

            BTW everyone, the product name will now be:

            AutoPlay Media Studio 4.0

            - Brett


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              Re: AMS 4 - do I get......?

              Alright Brett!!

              Thanks for those answers. I, like many on this forum, can't wait for Autoplay MEDIA Studio 4.0

              As far as the video, thanks for taking in all of our suggestions. I've worked long and hard on become a AVI guru. But, having mpeg4, etc. will add a considerable clarity to streaming video on CD. and a serious move forward for AMS.

              Embed the browser? Sounds like we can use/add hyperlink code onto objects. correct?

              There won't be enough hours in the day.....

              Thanks again,


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                Re: AMS 4 - do I get......?

                "...hours in the day....."

                Understatement!!! lol

                I have plans for Autoplay Media Studio 4.0!!