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Autorun not working???

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  • Autorun not working???

    I have just distributed my 1st AMS (mass produced) project.

    All is working great but I received the comment that the CD will not autorun on some machines, but can be run by browsing to autorun.exe on the CD.

    I am having the client check that autoinsert notification is turned "on" on the machines in question. The CD was put together on my WinME machine, burned in a closed format, and replicated by a local CD duplication company.

    I have searched previous posts, but do not see a whole lot of info on this topic. Is there something I am missing (posts or otherwise) that might help prevent this on future projects?


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    Re: Autorun not working???

    It will only autostart if they have autostart enabled on their computer.


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      Re: Autorun not working???

      That, I know... see my post. Lorne? Adam??


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        Re: Autorun not working???

        Did you have AMS create the autorun.inf file, or did you create it manually? If you did it, you might want to check and make sure you didn't make any mistakes (actually, either way check it). It should look something like this:



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          Re: Autorun not working???

          Thanks Jito,

          AMS created the autorun files, and they are all there.

          Every machine I have tested on (running WinME and 98) I have had no problems. I think I need to extract more specific info from the client to see exactly what OS they are running. I will post when I get more info.

          Thanks again.


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            Re: Autorun not working???

            Also, see if you can get them to elaborate on when this is happening.

            For instance, on some OSes a CD will autorun if it's in the drive when the system is restarted, but on other OSes (Win2k I think?) it won't.

            It could also be a hardware issue...some older CD-ROM drives (and some crappy not-so-older ones [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif[/img]) have problems with different CDRs and, to a lesser degree, different burn formats. You said these were pressed CDs, though, so...
            --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]


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              Re: Autorun not working???

              Also note that on some older systems there is the possibility that the menu can take up to 10 seconds to start. What OS's are these users using? that can also be important for debugging this problem.


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                Re: Autorun not working???

                Good point, Adam. I know for a fact that on an older machine of mine, it would sometimes take up to 20 seconds for the autorun to kick in. Even on a newer machine with a fast processor and lots of RAM, autorun will sometimes not kick in (not very often, but it does happen rarely). Then if I open the tray and close it again, it kicks in.

                Just some feedback if this helps at all.



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                  Re: Autorun not working???

                  Another option to consider. Many CD burning programs will shut off the auto-insert feature but still let Windows report that this option is enabled. Check to see if the computers you are having problems with have CD burning software installed.


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                    Re: Autorun not working???

                    Thanks everyone for the replies.

                    As I get more info on what's going on I will post.