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    I'm sure this has been asked before, but does AutoPlay support mutiple discs??

    I have 909meg worth of programs, and do not want to create and/or duplicate another menu on CD2.
    Is there a way to have AutoPlay do this without creating a new menu on disc2? Like maybe a message box saying "please insert disc 2" or something to that effect?

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    Re: mutiple discs

    This was brought up a while back, and here's the best way I found to do it. Create only one menu, but decide which programs/files are going on CD1 and which are going on CD2. Split up the pages accordingly. When you want to go to a page in which the files for it are on CD2, have it pop up a message stating to insert disc 2. Here's the important part. Have a file on the CD, call it whatever you want (CD1.CD and CD2.CD for example). Now, have AMS search for the existence of CD2.CD (which should have been burned to disc2). If it doesn't exist, then have it pop up the message again. If it does, then it goes on to the page. Same for going back to the page for disc 1. The only thing I haven't figured out is how to prevent it from running AMS a second time when you put CD1 back in. Good luck.