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    I would like to have cd that would check version of Internet explorer and if it is lower than 5.5sp2 I would like a menu option to appear and if clicked install ie55. Anyone know what reg key gives that info? and how can i incorporate this into a menu.

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    Re: IE version

    AMS40 will have full support for detecting the exact version of IE installed. If you want the details of how it is done, see this MS article:

    - Brett


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      Re: IE version

      You can find the regkey you need in:
      hkey_local_machine\software\microsoft\internet explorer.

      You see a few keys. I use the key "build" in a menu.

      In your project settings in actions you must first "read from registry"
      main key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
      sub key : software\microsoft\internet explorer
      Value name: build

      As value name you can also use the key "version". what you prefer.
      give the variable a name like %Custom2% or something else, it doesn't matter really.

      in your page properties in actions ad a yes\no dialogbox
      fill in caption and message as you want.
      At the boolean use the variable name you made in your project settings\actions
      in your case it has to be %(variablename)% < 55048.0

      the message will only be shown if the version number is below that number.

      To install IE you have to add a execute programm. Choose the executable for the installation of IE. and at the boolean you add %(variablename you gave to the yes\no box)% = yes
      This means if you click yes it will install IE

      I hope this is the information you need.