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    I have done following:


    It offers : Bitmap Image - Normal or Resample or Tile.

    But none gave me the effect I want - Background image to be full screen.

    My image is W 945, H 709 pixels.

    As my clients may have screens 800x600, 640x480 or 1024x768 - is there a way that background image would "strech" according to clients screen size?


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    Re: Background Image

    Presently in version 3.0 there is not a way which a menu made at a resolution of 945W and 709H would be full screen in a 800x600, 640x480 or 1024x768 monitor resolution. There is a program out there that will change the resolution of the monitor but I have had many clients who have major problems with it. It is called AniRez, found at I am not recommending this program at all. I tried it and I did not like it at all. Maybe Lorne, Mark, Brett, Adam or some other could give us some good news about version 4, which we are all still waiting for so patiently, having some option of sizing a screen.



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      Re: Background Image-and screen size-

      It would be great that AMS4 includes that feature, because users have differents settings of video card, resolution, screen size,etc.

      i.e. if user screen size is in 800x600, ams should adjusts to 800x600, if 640x480 then should adjusts to 640x480 automatically.......


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        Re: Background Image-and screen size-

        Agro and Yuri,

        I have adjusted image to 800x600, which works fine on computers with 800x600.

        But some of my clients have 1024x768, and the whole thing looks smaller on they screen.

        Let's hope AMS4 takes care of that.