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Autorun in autoplay ver 3

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  • Autorun in autoplay ver 3

    I cannot get my completed projects to autorun after I have burned the cd. Looking in the "Help" section, I see that ion the CD there should be 3 files: autorun.inf, autorun.exe, and autorun.apm (in addition to the data folder, the file I have made, and associated folders). In practice, I see (assuming a project named "Start") autorun.inf, start.exe, start.apm, and data folder. There are NO files "autorun.exe" and "autorun.apm". I verified that the box was checked to place autorun files on the cd (Project/Build). I know it is not my system setup because other programs I make (as well as commercial software) all do autostart when placed in the cd drive. HELP!!!! Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Autorun in autoplay ver 3

    Well at this point I'm guessing you just named your Autorun files as "Start" (which would make them "start.exe" and "start.apm"). You shouldn't have to worry about what those are named - as long as they are named the same! (In this case they are).

    Anyway, you're saying the problem is you can't get the Autorun to work?

    #1. If you renamed any of the files/folders it makes AFTER AMS has made them, that should screw things up.

    #2. You're .INF file may be incorrect. In this case, make sure it looks like:


    Other than that, that's all I can do for yah [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/laugh.gif[/img]