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  • UnZipping

    1) - Our only basic option to unzip the files is the Temp folder... it should have some kind of option where the customer/user can select a destination.

    2) - The unZipped files just stay in the Temp folder! There should be an automatic operation that if the Temp folder is used to extract to, the files should be removed automatically... which brings me to another point:

    3) - If we set the Zip file to be extracted to the Temp folder, there should be an option to set it to Start up a certain program... *.exe

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    Re: UnZipping


    1) You can unzip the files to any folder on the user's hard drive. %TempDir% is just used as example text. You could use a Dialog.FolderBrowse action to allow the user to select a folder, store that result in a variable and then use that as your "Unzip to folder".

    2) If you want to delete the files after, use the File.Delete action.

    3) If you want to launch a file that you unzipped, simply use a File.Open or a File.Execute action.

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