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  • Ted
    Re: Zip password

    You'll want to use something like a Dialog.GetInformation action to show a dialog that asks for the password. Store the result in a variable and that's what you pass in to the ZipFile.Extract action as the password.

    [*]Get password[*]If canceled, return to page[*]If entered, check password and unzip if correct[*]If incorrect, show msgbox with choice to try again or cancel.[*]If try again, return to Get password[*]If canceled, return to page

    There are a bunch of other ways of doing it as well, such as using an EditBox object, reading from a text file etc etc.

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  • Lazerpower
    started a topic Zip password

    Zip password

    Hi all! 4.0..........Awesome!
    Question, If I set a password to extract a zip file, when should I be prompted to enter it? It keeps extracting the zip file without asking for the password. Otherwise, so far so good.