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HyperLink area using a yes/no dialog box.

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  • HyperLink area using a yes/no dialog box.

    I am new to this so bare with me. I am setting up a hyperlink to a hidden page in my menu. I want to include a yes/no dialog box to allow the user to choose to go the hidden page or not. Can some one help me in this area. I have the yes part but can't seem to get the no to work. No matter what they click we always go to the hidden page. I just do not understand the variables that well. Thanks in advance for you help.

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    Re: HyperLink area using a yes/no dialog box.

    Basically you will need to have a Yes/No Dialog that asks the question "do you want to go to page X". This will set a variable to either YES or NO. Then the next action you will have is a JumpToPage action that points to the hidden page. In that action you will need to add a Boolean condition:

    Value A:


    Value B:

    Note that the 'Value A' field will contain the variable that was set by the YES/NO dialog.