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  • Web Browser Object Suggestion

    Since there is a "Full Screen" option for a page, It would be nice to add "Full Screen" option for Web Browser Object (check box or something).

    I set the page size property to "Full Screen", and I am trying
    without any success to make the Web Browser Object appear in Full Screen also on the same page.

    What should I do to accomplish that ???

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    Re: Web Browser Object Suggestion

    If you want the user to be able to change the size of the Web browser, just use a File > Open action and specify the URL as the filename. This will open the URL in their default Web browser and they can browse as they usually would.

    - Brett


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      Re: Web Browser Object Suggestion

      It is not what I have in mind.

      I have many web projects, and I am trying to create a presentation CD with my web projects on it in so I could show
      them to my customers.

      I want web object to play in full screen without any tool bars.

      I don't want any internet explorer or other browsers to appear
      on presentation CD.

      I want for example, instead of converting my web (html) projects, simply to use the web browser object feature of AMS
      and start html prsentation (wthout even appearance of any browser controls) as soon as the CD is inserted into

      Or at least, to put a button on first page that will open
      second page with web browser object in Full Screen without
      any browser controls or tool bars.

      Simple addition of "Full Screen" feature for the Web Browser
      object via check box, will make the AMS 4.0 more user friendly, save a lot of time, and the html presentation will look much better and more professional without an appearance of any browser.

      And Besides, the designer will be able to incorporate the power
      of JavaScript SEEMLESSLY into AMS.


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        Re: Web Browser Object Suggestion

        Yes, I agree that it would be nice to have a full screen option for your web browser object. Is this possible?


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          Re: Web Browser Object Suggestion

          You might want to try what Brett suggested, only take it a bit further by adding HTML code or javascript to the web page, so that it will open up in full screen mode without borders, controls, etc. I have seen code out there that does this, but can't remember where I found it.


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            Re: Web Browser Object Suggestion

            To Open 2nd html document in Full Screen without controls is possible via Script placed on 1st html documet which will open
            2nd html (Here is a little script to do that:

            But the problem is that the 1st html (with a link to 2nd and with above mentioned script) will still appear with all Browser controls.

            I know it has to be possible with AMS to embed 1st html document in Full screen and without any browser controls.

            I just don't know how. Once again, to add "Full Screen" option
            for Web Browser Object to AMS will make it more User Friendly
            and professional.

            And also, it has to be a way to do that via Action script even in AMS 4 beta.

            I just don't know how.

            Any Suggestions ??? Brett, Lorne, Anyone ? Please...


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              No, it's not as complicated as that...

              Good news, it's not that complicated guys:

              Here I have created a .bat file for you which does exactly what you want. Either download the attached file (Click on 'Attachment' under my name) or cut and paste the following into your favorite text editor and save it with the extension .bat and then run it:

              @ECHO OFF
              START iexplore -k

              So either just reference that .bat file from your presentation or add that system command to some component of your project and you're home free without any extra browser window hassles. Cheers!

              BTW, that's called 'Kiosk Mode', you can find out much more about it, and/or how to access it via Javascript, etc. here:




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                Re: No, it's not as complicated as that...

                Good tip MC ... top marks!! [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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                  Re: No, it's not as complicated as that...

                  Mad Cubist, You are Genius !!!!!!!!

                  I just tried Your kiosk.bat file, and it works Perfectly !!!

                  Exactly what I needed.

                  Thank You VERY VERY MUCH !!!!!!

                  Second time You are helping me, and I really appreciate that.

                  I only concerned about 1 issue. What if the User has Netscape
                  or Opera set as default browser ?

                  Is there any way to make .bat file to start DEFAULT browser
                  rather than IEXPLORER ???

                  I also posted two other posts regarding MPEG Volume Control
                  problems, but it seems no one can figure out a solution to that.

                  Would You be so kind to take a look at them whenever You
                  have time ? Here is the links:


                  Thanks again for Your INVALUABLE Advice !!!!


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                    Re: No, it's not as complicated as that...

                    It doesn't matter what the system default browser is, all win95 + machines have iexplore installed, so for consistency you'll find this code works best as a one-size-fits-all solution. Obviously the nice thing here also is that you know all the users will be visiting using IE so you can accomodate for that with your web page...

                    I don't mess with NS and Opera in cases like this personally, you'll drive yourself quite mad trying to accomodate every possible derivation... Can you imagine trying to make a web application which works identically in NS 4, IE 6, NS6, AND Opera 5+? That's like trying to catch a greased piglet on an ice rink whilst wearing cement shoes, not fun. Believe me, I have spent hundreds of maddening hours in my carreer addressing those sort of hair-greying issues and I have found that the above code is the very best compromise.

                    Don't forget NS has no true kiosk mode, there will always be a title bar in NS...

                    That being said I don't think it's too hard to determine the system default browser, and you can do the same thing as above, kiosk mode, using javascript too. So if you simply use a web link in your presentation that would work too, i.e. try pasting the following code into your browser's location bar to see what I mean:


                    As for the MPEG volume thing, it's out of my league but I'm sure one of the gigantic brains in our fine organization will latch onto those posts at some point here, if not try reposting after a day or two...


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                      Re: No, it's not as complicated as that...

                      It makes sense.

                      Thank You Very Much for Your Help !!!


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                        Re: No, it's not as complicated as that...

                        You don't even need to use a batch file. Just use a File - Execute action, and pass the same command line arguments. [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/laugh.gif[/img]
                        --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]


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                          Re: No, it's not as complicated as that...

                          A-ha, I knew there was some way to do that, thanks Lorne...


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                            Re: No, it's not as complicated as that...

                            No problem MC. [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/laugh.gif[/img]
                            --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]


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                              Re: No, it's not as complicated as that...

                              Lorne, I am not a programmer, and I have no idea how to do
                              what You suggested.

                              Can You post an example ? Please ....