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Execute Actions are running multiple times on AVI

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  • Execute Actions are running multiple times on AVI

    I have an AVI Object on the main page. When users click the AVI two executables are run and the page changes to the next step.
    I need the page to change after the executables have run, so I set them to Wait for Return.
    run exe wait for return
    run second exe wait for return
    jump page

    Was working fine. In the last update I made, the AVI actions now loop for some reason. exe 1 runs numerous times whilst exe 2 is looping as well. This results in a barrage of error windows.
    I have recreated the entire menu from scratch and tried altering the existing saved menu. But all attempts have resulted in this occuring.

    I have only been able to prevent this by removing the wait for return options. But now the page will jump before the executables have completed. I can't have this happen. It is a step by step setup process and this causes too many issues for me.

    Has anyone had this happen to them, or any ideas on why it would suddenly happen for me.

    All thoughts appreciated.