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  • File Search and decision

    I have assigned a value to %VarSearch% by searching the harddrive for Winproj.exe. I need to provide a condition that if is not found to inform the user that the app is not installed on there machine and if it finds the .exe then to continue to the next page. I am not a programmer so use 4 grade English. Actually, I am a quick learner just need some help.

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    Re: File Search and decision

    In your Search For File action there is a field called "Default". If your file is not found, the variable %VarSearch% will hold what ever value you placed in the "Default" field. So, insert something like "NotFound".

    In that same actions list, create a Show Message dialog action to display the message that they don't have the file on their system. What you want to do is create a Boolean condition to control whether this action is launched. To do this, click the "Click to Edit" button, beside the "Boolean" property. There you want to add the condition:

    This is because you want this action to only be launched if the file search did not find the file, therefore returning the default value.

    Next create a Jump To Page action in the same actions list.
    In this action you want to create the Boolean condtion:
    Not Equal

    This means that you only want to go to the next page if the file search returned a value other than the default value.

    This should accomplish what you are looking to do. I just noticed, you should probably move the Jump to Page action before the Message Dialog action, however both will function the same in the end.