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  • Database - to - Form

    I am looking to create a menu so to speak that allows me to do two things. First, I want to be able to open an application, and take some information from its database...and then, I want to take that information an insert it into a form on a websites and process it.

    My obvious question is, can this be done. ( I wanted ask that before I begin to get into it too much and then find out it cant be done )

    If someone could please give me a heads up as to whether they think this can be done or not, then please let me know.

    Thanks in advance !
    (and yes its the previous Star - i forgot my password and i dont know what email i signed up with LOL )

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    Re: Database - to - Form

    Is this form on your own website? Is it an HTML form or an Acrobat one? Will it be the same data that is extracted each time, or will the user be able to select which data they want to extract?
    I don't think that AMS has any database connectivity. Acrobat does, so you could use AMS to open Acrobat and via Javascript extract the data from the relevant fields in the database and populate the form.
    You need to clarify your broad aims before further help can be given.


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      Re: Database - to - Form


      The database that is intended to use is from Panorama. I believe they use a program called Butler SQL.

      Whats intended is, some certain pieces of information is to be extracted from the database, (name address, apt #, city, state, zip, phone) and be placed into the proper fields of a form on a site. The site that its intended to be used with is
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      I have been asked in I can see if I can come up with a solution for someone to intergrate some software, from a hard disk, into a site. The person is looking to be able to just click a button (for example) and enter in say John Doe. Then get AMS to retrieve the information from Panorama's database that says:
      John Doe
      12 main st
      anytown, hisstate,
      (458) 326-5585

      and then he would have an option that asks him, to you want to process this information? and when clicking yes, it then would open the browser, and insert all of John Does information into the fields automatically.

      There are some 'extra' features that I would like to be able to intergrate into it...but for now, thats basically how I would like to create it.

      Please note: that after reading, I have found that Panorama also uses some other it here:

      So I hope this gives you some insight as to what is looking to be done !

      Thanks !


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        Re: Database - to - Form

        This sounds very much like an application for an Acrobat form, or possibly some other form such as an HTML one on the users hard drive. You could certainly deliver the Acrobat form and associated material via AMS, but you would need to get a full copy of Acrobat to check out the functionality (it's very comprehensive). The chapter "PDF Forms" in the Adobe Acrobat Help is a good place to start. Also, check the Planet PDF forum, and do some searches on the Adobe Acrobat forum (select Adobe Acrobat>Win).
        Generally speaking, forms and database connectivity is a complex area.