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Going back to that security thing ....

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  • Going back to that security thing ....

    Although I'm having a hard time with this (in the time i have looked), i dont doubt for a minute there is a way, within windows itself, to make a folder invisible. Not just using the HIDE attribute, more like those security programs do by making it disappear.
    (If anyone can help with this, it would be nice)
    One thing I did wonder tho: if the folder is, for all intents and purposes, non-existant, will AMS have a problem with that when trying to run the files?
    One workaround, for now (or, so i thought), was to use File.SetAttributes and hide them all (how many ppl have 'dont show hidden ..' turned on?). This works and AMS will still run them. Of course, it would be so much easier if File.SetAttributes allowed wildcards! *HINT!! HINT!!*
    Because it doesnt, you have to name every file!! yeah right .. that'll happen! I'm not keen on the idea of running a .bat file to do this coz someone can take a look inside it to see what it's doing. There is always dll function 'SetFileAttributes' .. but thats down to the 'show hidden' question again.
    I figure the best way around it for now is create yur project and build it. zip it up setting a password on the zip file. create another project, 1 page and on .. extract the zip file to an inconspicuous place (%WinDir%\msams .. etc)and set it to run the autorun.exe after its unzipped.
    You could then set the unzipped contents to be deleted upon application.close

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    Re: Going back to that security thing ....

    Well, you could do a File - Search, and then loop through the results (String - Get Delimited String), calling File - Set Attributes on each file...

    As for hiding a folder, IIRC there may be a way to do it by using certain characters in the folder. (Or was that the Registry? I know for sure you can hide a Registry key by using certain characters in the name, 'cause I've done that before in a past life.) I know you can make a folder undeletable by putting certain characters in the name, but I can't remember if there's a magic prefix or suffix for hiding, too...
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