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Flash buttons and AMS 4.0

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  • Flash buttons and AMS 4.0

    Hi guys,

    I've posted this elsewhere, but thought a little more help is in order. Flash object - button list- inserted on page. Now, I need an action for the buttons. How do I go about this? FS command? A simple "%PageNext%" would be great!

    Tried a hotspot over the flash....didn't work. A few other things, nothing seemed to help.

    Also, on another note, imported an AVI and looped it to play continuous in the top corner. It's one I've used in a Powerpoint before. I noticed that on the first play through there was a pause at the end. Then, it resumed and played fine and didn't pause again. Just curious. Is this to be expected?


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    Re: Flash buttons and AMS 4.0

    In the Flash file itself, create a button that performs an FSCommand using actionscript.

    IIRC (and bear with me, I haven't actually used Flash yet), it goes something like this:

    FSCommand("AutoPlayPageJumpLikeALiddulRabbit", "arg1", "arg2");

    Then, on the AutoPlay side, add a "Flash - Get Property" action to the Flash Object's "On FSCommand" event to get the "Last FSCommand" that occured. Then use an IF statement to test whether that last FSCommand was "AutoPlayPageJumpLikeALiddulRabbit". If it was, get the args (if there were any), and do whatever it is you want to do when you issue that FSCommand...(in this case, perform a "Page - Jump" action).

    Sorry if that's a bit sketchy but it's 12:43 am... :yawn:
    --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]


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      Re: Flash buttons and AMS 4.0

      Yeehah! Yeehah! Eureka, FREAKING EUREKA!!!!

      Life really only truly begins now that I can integrate flash and AMS 4.0, uh-oh I feel a massive rush of power surging through the base of my skull... IT BEGINS...

      I have to tell you though I wish it was easier, i.e. the application was actively hooking FScommands but I realize that's not in the cards for now and I'm still drunk with power nonetheless.


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        Re: Flash buttons and AMS 4.0

        HA! works like a charm .. [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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          Re: Flash buttons and AMS 4.0

          Looky here:

          The power, I'm drunk with power...


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            Re: Flash buttons and AMS 4.0

            LOL Okay. That went right over my head. [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/blush.gif[/img] Glad that the Cubist is mad with power.... and that Derek's working like a charm. But could you run that by me again?

            a little help for the dense.....


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              Re: Flash buttons and AMS 4.0


              1. Assign an fscommand to a button or frame event in flash, export your movie. Let's say we want to start the MP3 player, we'll assign the fscommand to our button in flash as:

              on (release) {
              fscommand ("playMP3","true");

              then insert your flash into AMS as an object and double click it to get the actions editor.

              Once there choose for your "On FScommand" the flash objects get property action then set up your variable and choose to retrieve the last fscommand.

              Now use a simple if statement to test your variable, so let's say we stored the last fscommand in the variable %myCommand% then you simply test to see if %myCommand% = "playMP3" and if so, activate an mp3 object play action.

              Totally simple and powerful. What a cool thing...


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                Re: Flash buttons and AMS 4.0

                If you just want to assign simple AMS commands to cool Flash buttons, it's very easy indeed. It doesn't even matter what the button's FS Command is! As long as the button has something (any word will do) attached to it AMS will respond to the On FSCommand event.