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  • Macros

    I know yu guys are busy ... so as and when yu've got time!

    Q? how do we get the macros we write to actually do something ... cant figure out how they link to the rest of it
    .. something like .. callMacroFunction !! lol .. yu know what i mean

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    Re: Macros

    The macros in AutoPlay Media Studio 4.0 are *very* powerful. It's a full VBA language with debugger, dialog editor and much more. So, right off the bat, you can do pretty much anything you could do in Visual Basic from within the AMS4.0 Design Environment.

    That brings us to the COM Automation interface of AMS4.0. Basically everything you can do manually with keyboard and mouse in the design environment exposes their interfaces through COM. Obviously that's a big subject. Take a look in the AMS4.0 \Docs\ folder. There's a rudimentary COM reference in there. We'll extend it in the next couple of weeks, but it should get you started.