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Running date and time. How?

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  • Running date and time. How?

    How can I have the date and time running on the menu? ie: mins and secs counting on screen.

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    Re: Running date and time. How?

    Lots of different ways. Use javascript in an HTML page displayed in a Web Browser Object, for example. (Heck, you could even sync it with an NTP server if you wanted.) You could probably also do it with Flash.
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      Re: Running date and time. How?

      I am just getting use to the new power of AMS 4 and can't think of all the ways you can do things yet.



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        Re: Running date and time. How?

        well this method is very hacky but,

        If you always have an MP3 file playing (ie: a silent mp3) then on progress you could have a system.GetDateTime() action followed by a TextObject.SetText to display the time. This works because the on progress event happens every 1 second for MP3s.


        It actually works very well. I was surprised to see how seamlessly the whole process runs. Keep in mind that you can still play normal MP3s and then just load the blank MP3 in the "on song end" event.