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  • Urgent Help Plzzzzz

    Hey, guys! 3007 is terrific, butta I got a problem gf's birthday is coming and I build a mp3 CD as part of gift for her. Now I I try to change the icon in project options I choose my icon with the use external icon check box. Then I build my cd, the icon I selected was automatically renamed as "autorun.ico" and put into root of the output directory. I burned it, first it appears OK, the icon I chose shows up. But when after a while, when I re-open "MY Computer", the icon changed, some I have never seen before. (win2000 OS)
    When I put my cd into my gf's pc (Winxp), icon was changed also, some other thing.....weird?!!!

    Can't believe my eyes, I include all of those files when burning my cd, and why sometimes it shows up, sometimes changes to other?

    Thanks in Advance!

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    Re: Urgent Help Plzzzzz

    Not sure if this will help but have you tried opening up your icon in a dedicated icon editor like Microangelo? You might just have a multi-state icon there...

    Then again maybe not, just a thought... I have seen people have hassles with icons before because they contained unique shapes for different states...


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      Re: Urgent Help Plzzzzz

      no, no....I just search *.ico in my harddisk, and choose one good looking popular icon like msn.ico...

      well, I guess it might be my system problem? I got winxp, win2000, win98, and looks like they all get this kinda problem, and maybe it's my OS problem, they all suck! You know, Micosoft freaking OS sometimes has this weird icon problem, a restart might help!