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Autoplay variables

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  • Autoplay variables

    I am playing with the variable actions and I am curious how I would go about checking to see if the end-user's system has a file or System.ini entry - it is turns out that they do not have the file on their computer to automatically launch a setup utility. Can Autoplay do this and what is the procedure that I would have to follow to achieve this?

    Aaron Rayner

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    Re: Autoplay variables

    If the file is standard and it can be located in the registry you can make a custom variable that will check the registry and display according to the results. What we suggest to our users is that you always display the button and let the user decide.

    Adam Kapilik
    Indigo Rose Corporation


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      Re: Autoplay variables

      The most consistent place that the file can be located is in the system folder or as an entry in the system.ini file. So far, using th registry has been a dead end.



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        Re: Autoplay variables

        Sorry to say but AutoPlay 2.0 only has the ability to query the registry. Version 3.0 does have the ability to perform FILE SEARCHS or read from an INI file. If you are not already a BETA tester, please go to for information on becoming a BETA tester. That way you will be able to see all the new feature the 3.0 has.

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