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    Can Anyone tell what information I need to input in order to store the %AppDir% in the Registry?

    I am working with Autoplay and am trying to run a program installed by SF. Please see my post labelled "Running an exe Installed by Setup Factory" in the SF General Forum.

    Mark replied and told me that I need to store the %AppDir% in the Registry. I'm pretty new at this and all my attempts are not working.

    Not only am I having trouble storing the %AppDir% in the first place, but I'm even more nervous about how to later tell AutoPlay to read from the Registry because I am unfamiliar with their structure as well.

    If not too much trouble, can someone explain to me (in dummie form please) how to store the %AppDir% in SF and then how to read this from the Registry in Autopay.

    Thank you.

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  • Mark
    started a topic Steps?


    Ok if you want to copy the %AppDrv% variable into the registry you should:
    In SUF
    1) Go to System Editors
    2) Click the “Add a New Command”
    3) Info to put in:
    · Main Key: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT (or anyone that you want)
    · Sub Action: Set Value
    · Key: %CompanyName%
    · Value Name: DirPath (or something more meaningful)
    · Action: Overwrite
    · Type: REG_SZ
    · Data: %AppDir%\myexe.exe

    That will put the %AppDir% into the registry. When testing you can look at the registry using REGEDIT (START -> RUN -> regedit)

    Now in AutoPlay
    1) Have a text object install your software
    2) Go to PROJECT -> VARIABLE MANAGER and create a new variable
    3) Set the variable name to something like %MyPath%
    4) Now for the Main Key, Sub Key, Value Name, use the same information that you used to create the key in SUF, except type in the true company name
    5) Create Text Object whose action is Execute Program, and the target is: %MyPath%

    Now this works fine, the only problem is that in AutoPlay 2.0 the registry is checked on page open, so you will have to switch to another page and then comeback in order for it to work. Another thing you could do is have the play button on the next page; to make sure that the variable will be updated.