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Mix Mode or CD extra

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  • Mix Mode or CD extra

    I am creating a CD which Id like to have burned as a mix mode CD or an Enhanced CD.....that is, AUTORUN in a computer CD ROM, as well as play in a standard CD player. Near as I can tell, It looks like I will have to put the song on the CD twice, once as a WAV file so the AUTOPLAY MENU can call it up, and once as a CD file which can be played in a regular cd player, then use the Burning software in a mixed mode or Enhanced CD.

    Is it possible for autoplay to call up a CD audio tack instead of a wav, if so, what would the call be? %SrcDrv%\Track2.cda?

    (as far as I know, Track 1 on a mix mode burn is computer info, so all audio is defaulted to start on track this true for all Mix Mode /enhanced CDs)?

    Confusing, I know...but any answers? Thanks!


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    Re: Mix Mode or CD extra

    There is no built-in ability to play CD audio tracks, however you shouldn't have too much trouble launching an Audio CD application that would do it. Something like Windows' CD Player accessory should do it.


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      Re: Mix Mode or CD extra

      I need to know the syntax in the Action window....."Play Multimedia" then %SrcDrv%\Track01.cda ? Or is it all it track01 or track 1? If it is a ixed mode CD, doesnt it default to track 2 for the first audio track? Ive tried every concieveable combination....Track01.cda, track1.cda, track02.cda, track2.cda, track01.wav, etc......any sugestions?