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probs with multiple actions

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  • probs with multiple actions

    hi !
    i made a menu with ams 3.0 and it includes a button with 3 actions. all 3 actions r 'execute program' and the programs r 'setups' for different programs.
    i checked the box 'wait for return'.
    now the prob: the setup first extract files in the windows temp folder and after that the 'real' setup starts itself from the temp folder, but ams 3.0 thinks that after extraction is done it can start the next action. finally all my setups r running at the same time
    is there a way to solve this prob ?
    thx and sorry for my bad english

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    Re: probs with multiple actions

    Hi Timo, I sort of had the same problem, but I've just now found a solution to my problem ... perhaps it might help you.
    First off I'll tell you that the program I would lanch with AMS3 would call another sub-program and then shut it's self off while the sub-program took over installing files ... I noticed that when the sub-program was finished, it had made an entry into the registry. At first I thought all I had to do was check the registry, but what if it wasn't finished installing when AMS3 checked? I had to make a loop that would make AMS3 check for a certain event, in my case a registry entry but you could also have it look for a file or what ever, before continuing on ... This is what I came up with:
    1) Make a small AVI file serves two purposes; it also lets the user know the computer is working, not locked-up. Set it to "Auto Start"
    2) Next; under the AVI's "Action-Video Finished" properties enter a "Read From Registry" command to a variable such as %Continue% with a defalt value set to No. Have AMS3 look for the registry entry the sub-program makes to the registry when it's done installing it's files.
    3) Right after the "Read From Registry" command, enter a "Play AVI Object" command to run the same avi again, but set the "Boolean" to %Continue%=No
    4) After the "Play AVI Object" command enter a "Jump to Page" or what ever else you would like to continue with, but this time with the "Boolean" set to %Continue%<>No

    Most programs that write to the registry as far as I know, write an entry to point to the location of the installed directory. You may want to read that information into AMS3 to help narrow any file searching you may need to do.

    Sorry it's a little confusing, but this is an undocumented work arround for programs that lanch other programs. Hope it helps you out ... let me know how it goes.