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v3.0 Mouseover Problem

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  • v3.0 Mouseover Problem

    I just received my v3.0 via download and on CD. I am trying to make descriptive text appear when my menu buttons are moused-over. (This descriptive text is contained in image files that I desire to place alongside the associated buttons.) I can't figure out how to do this. I have the User's Guide but it isn't helpful at all. I know this can be done because the effect I am seeking is present in the menu on the v3.0 CD.

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    Re: v3.0 Mouseover Problem

    I know where you're coming from... and not you haven't missed anything in the manual-
    This is a real easy process once you figure it out and it deals with using %variables% and telling them when and when not to be visible. This should work with graphics or text.
    Goto "Blues" or "Cool Blues" templates in AMS 3.0 and look there first- The cool blues template is an easier method. You have to do a little reverse-development to figure these out though.
    Also! look at the project settings- there is a %variable% to input there too!
    Email me if you need to