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flashing "hidden object" help

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  • flashing "hidden object" help

    Here's the deal: When hiding a object on a page (in Page Properties:Actions), in the preview (and build) there is a VERY obvious flash of the "hidden" object as the page comes up. Since my object is a large text box, it's very apparent. Does anyone have a suggestion? I would very much appreciate it.

    [I am now thinking of creating a second page (duplicate) showing the text box--as an alternative. Such that a click on the first page button goes to page2 (no hide object) showing the text box to avoid the flash of the "hidden" object.]

    What do you think? I would appreciate any response.

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    Re: flashing "hidden object" help

    I was unable to recreate the "bug" on my system, perhaps it has something to do with the speed of the computer that is running the menu? Has anyone else experienced this problem?
    Creating a second page should work, please post your results. Thanks.


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      Re: flashing "hidden object" help

      I have noticed when making a menu smaller than the default 640x480, that when I run the menu, I get an flash outline of the default size in the form of a white hollow rectriangle, just before my menu shows on the screen. I don't know if that's the same or not ...


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        Re: flashing "hidden object" help

        Hi all:

        This seems to be the same problem that I am having (see posting "screen blinks on start up"). I am glad to hear others have experienced this, because it legitamizes the fact that something "buggy" is going on. Though I am sorry that I can't offer a solution.


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          Re: flashing "hidden object" help

          I have the same problem. Hidden objects blink for a split of a second on startup.



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            Re: flashing "hidden object" help

            Hello, I have had similar problems but I have found a way to fix this on my system. On the page properties/ actions i hide the biggest ojects first. Hide is the first action the page gets. This might no work for you but works great for me.

            I am running:

            P3 [email protected]
            256 ram
            2 x 45 gig HD IDE
            3D Prophet 64 ram
            Plextor PX-W1210A
            Toshiba DVD-1212

            Kinda fast that is why this might not work on everybodys. Hope this post might help.