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Yes/No Dialogue Box

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  • Yes/No Dialogue Box

    I am confused over the Yes/No dialogue box and its conditions.

    I want to display a simple mouse over on an exit button to ask user "Are you Sure You Want To Quit"

    If yes, exit. If no stay on page.

    Don't seem to undersatnd what program is looking for in conditions.

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    Re: Yes/No Dialogue Box

    Basically what the YES/NO dialog does is set a variable, %MyVar% by default, to either "YES" or "NO" (no quotes). So have a YES/NO dialog box action, and then a CLOSE/EXIT action with a Boolean condition: "%MyVar% (or whatever you choose to name your variable) = YES”. So what you are doing is using the YES/NO dialog to set a variable and then performing actions after that based on the value of that variable.

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      Re: Yes/No Dialogue Box



      I want YES to run an external command (rundll.exe to shutdown) and no to go back to the menu.

      In the PAGE PROPERTIES I have assigne a value of %shutdown% to NO.

      In the link for the YES/NO box, I have the tried the BOOLEAN %shutdown% <> no to execute the shutdown as well as %shutdown% = no.

      Both work a little too well!!!!!

      After the yes/no action, I have an EXECUTE to run rundll32.exe,etc. Both YES and NO execute the program, which is not what I want.

      How do I resolve?



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        Re: Yes/No Dialogue Box


        %Shutdown% <> No & %Shutdown% = Yes, not as stated!!!!



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          Re: Yes/No Dialogue Box


          I have tried a similar function with a yes/no dialog box that I got to work fine. In my test, if the user pressed "Yes", the menu would close and Notepad would open. If the user pressed "No", it would jump to a certain page. I did it using the following actions in the following order:

          Yes/No Dialog Set %MyVar% from Yes/No dialog

          Jump to Page page 2


          Execute Program %SrcDrv%\NOTEPAD.EXE

          In the Jump to Page Action, I had the Boolean condition %MyVar% equals No

          In the Close/Exit Action I had the Boolean condition %MyVar% equals Yes

          In the Execute Program Action, I had the Boolean condition %MyVar% equals Yes.

          This basically functions the way that you described except that instead of launching NOTEPAD, you would launch rundll32.exe

          I hope this helps.


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            Re: Yes/No Dialogue Box

            Also, on Exit dialogs, if you want it to stay on the same page if they click no, just don't apply anything to the no variable. It will simply close out the dialog, and stay on the same page.


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              Re: Yes/No Dialogue Box

              Okay, I know I've done this before, but for some odd reason I can't remember anymore. What do you set the variable as when it's a request for a password? If, for example, they don't enter the right password, I want another variable to kick in that hides certain things on the page. I know I should know what this is, but I can't recall. Help?