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How do I call a Website?

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  • How do I call a Website?

    It says in the promo that I can call a URL, but I cannot see how to do it. Can you help.
    Thanx in advance.

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    Re: How do I call a Website?

    Lets see....first get a text object or a picture, or a link. these are in the button--object/ and then the first five choices....text, image, hyperlink, avi, text box. for answering to this post we will be using a text object. click the text box and then click on action and then click on add. add is the button below the white window to the left. then click on execute and then click on open url. lets say you wanted to open a url for IndigoRose website. after clicking on open url you get another window. then click on target value.then click on the arrow down to choose http:. then after the http: type should look like this:

    then click ok and then prewiew by clicking on the icon that looks like a light switch. all the actions work the same way if you wanted to use..say a picture of something for a link to a url.


    click on an object
    click on action
    click on add
    click on execute
    click on open url
    click on target/value
    choose the correct target ie: http, ftp...
    enter the web site after the target ie:
    click on ok
    click on the light switch labeled preview
    click on the text link you just made to test



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      Re: How do I call a Website?

      Thank you Agro, that's fine now.


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        Re: How do I call a Website?

        It prompts more questions though. But I'll experiment before posting.