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StartUp Sound w/ SplashScreen?

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  • StartUp Sound w/ SplashScreen?

    Is there a way to assign a wav or mp3 to play when the splash screen starts? In project settings:actions, the sound file is played AFTER the splash at page 1.

    I think this would be a nice effect. Just don't know if it's possible.


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    Re: StartUp Sound w/ SplashScreen?

    Sorry there really is no way to play a sound while your Splash Screen is active.

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      Re: StartUp Sound w/ SplashScreen?

      While Mark is right, there isn't any way to play a mp3 or wav sound file while displaying the splash screen, it is posible to get that effect ...
      You can make a one page menu with no borders or title bar and make it whatever size you'd like, with whatever picture or even with an AVI; put your music, sound effect or what have you on it, then have this menu run your real menu afterwards when it closes.
      As far as having your menu display an image for a length of time and then continue... I have found that avi's make for a good timer as you have the option of setting up commands after it has finished; It doesn't have to be big, and it doesn't have to appear to move if it's only used as a timer device.
      I know it's a little more work but the end results should be what your looking for.