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  • Adding pictures

    Here is what I would like to do - make a CD with browseable pictures of it. ie have maybe 100 pictures (that would be the main purpose of the CD) that someone could look at in a nice format. Can this be done? If so, how?

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    Re: Adding pictures

    Yes a number of ways...

    1. You could have 100 pages, each with a picture on it and the page link to the next page...

    2. You could do it all on one page and hide all 100 photos and click on the photo that you want to see...

    I would say for the ease of it I would have 100 pages with a pic on each page.



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      Re: Adding pictures

      I guess I should be more specific. What I'm looking to do is to have a button be able to be linked to , say, 30 .jpgs (pics). When you pressed that button on the main interface you would get to an explorer type menu that would show the titles of all the .jpgs and from there someone could doubleclick and open up each picture file. Or would it be possible instead to go to a page with thumbnails of all pics and select from the thumbnails. If I can do this it would help me out on this project.


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        Re: Adding pictures

        I have personally used the thumbnail approach. I won't lie, it is a lot of hard work but the results look more professional. Basically I took the pic reduced it to 90x90 and pasted them on screen. Make each thumbnail a button and link it to the full picture on it's own page. Like I said, hard work but impressive results. Ihope this helps. Feel free ot email me with any questions.


        Craig Chenery
        Systems Engineer


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          Re: Adding pictures

          Something like this might be more suited to Acrobat, as you could import all of the images, and create bookmarks/thumbnails.