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Inactive Menu after running programme

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  • Inactive Menu after running programme

    I wonder if anybody else has experienced this:
    When launching or executing a programme from within an AMS2.05 or AMS3.0 created menu, and then close the application and return to the menu, the menu is inactive. I have to then click on the menu to activate it.
    The problem is that sometimes you will click on a button and launch a programme unintentionally.
    Has anybody else experienced this with AMS 2 or 3.
    This does not happen with AMS1.1 however.

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    Re: Inactive Menu after running programme

    I don't know about AMS 2.5 but with AMS 3.0 I have noticed the same thing. The menu is still on the screen but it has lost focus, (I think that's how it's described), if you click on it then it's fine, but until you do, cursor over has no effect.
    I have found that this can be avoided by minimizing the menu and restoring it again when you execute another program.


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      Re: Inactive Menu after running programme

      Thanks Steven,

      I am "glad" somebody else has experienced this too.
      If you minimise the menu and then maximise it again it does become active again but this is impractical.
      AMS Support does not seem to have found a solution yet.