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SWF files

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  • SWF files

    Since you can create a button or hyper-text
    line to go to a web that is installed on the cd-rom that you are creating, will Autoplay Menu 2.0 or 3.0 execute a .swf file or flash
    file that is created in the html page on the web that is on the cd-rom?

    If it can with out to much delay this would be a great work around on how to import .swf files into Autoplay Menu. Especcially since you would not be envolved in having to download these html pages.

    Looking forward to your response.

    Leon K. :-)

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    Re: SWF files

    Great coincidence, I was thinking the exact same thing, but with a twist. I would love if we could use SWF files like we use .AVI files - imbedded right in the program. I guess the easies way for IRose to do it would be have the Flash player native to the program/or something like it created by IR and play it regardless if the user has the player on their system or not!!


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      Re: SWF files

      I agree that would be the best way to do it.
      AVI's are to **** big and the quality is no where near as good as what can be created in flash. I hope we hear a response to this from someone here at Indigo Rose.

      PS: Check out this utility for flash and it is a stand alone program that some people are creating complete Web-Sites in. It is called "Swish" only $30.00. I think you will be amazed. Let me know if you like it. Goto


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        Re: SWF files

        I have heard of it, very easy for text animation, but you really need flash for full websites.