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Feature Request - AMS Object Import

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  • Feature Request - AMS Object Import


    The ability to import a text file into the 'Message' field of a Text Object and a image into the 'Normal Image' and 'Highlight Image' fields of an Image Object after the menu has been built.

    Our problem:

    Constant menu modifications due to localization of the CDs. We must create the original English version, then nine other versions of the same autorun.

    How much easier it would be to simply change a text file rather than open a project, edit the fields, and rebuild.

    This feature is -almost- existing in the latest version of AMS. One can 'Load from file at runtime' into the "Message" field of a Text Box Object. Around the box, a hyperlink will allow linking. However, this does not allow for cursor flips or mouseovers, thus the illusion of a link is lost while the functionality remains. If there is a way to do this correctly, please let me know.

    That's my FMR.


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    Re: Feature Request - AMS Object Import

    Hi Tony,
    We just spoke over the phone regarding this issue, and I believe I have found a solution that will accomplish what you are asking about, at least for the Text displayed by Text Objects.
    Basically it entails making each Text Object display a variable, instead of actual text. So if you had an "Install" button, instead of typing in the text "Install" you would assign it do display a variable, like: %Install%.
    Then on Project Startup you would read in that variables value from an INI file using a READ FROM INI FILE action. So in order to change the text displayed you would simply have to change the INI file used. Then for your French menu, you would burn the French INI file, and for your Spanish menu you would burn your Spanish INI file. This would not work for images, but it works fine for Text Objects, giving you the “load from file at runtime” functionality”.
    Also if your need is for multilingual support, you should take a look at the multilingual Template that is supplied with AutoPlay 3.0, perhaps it is closer to what you would like to do.
    If you need any more detail on this subject feel free to ask.

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