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Using Modify Registry

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  • Using Modify Registry

    I had previously asked a question about using conditions, and I have some additional questions about the answer I received. The following is the instructions that were given to me by Mark:
    "1) On the first page, after the documentation that you want skipped, have a MODIFY REGISTRY action on the PAGE OPEN event. Use these settings:
    Registry Action: Create Key
    Sub Key: Your Product Name
    Name: Viewed
    Type: REG_SZ
    2) Then on the first page of the documentation that you want skipped create two actions: READ FROM REGISTRY and JUMP TO PAGE, for the PAGE OPEN event.
    For the READ FROM REGISTRY action use these settings:
    Name: %RegVar%
    Default: FALSE
    Sub Key: Your Product Name
    Value Name: Viewed
    And check: TRUE if exists.
    For the JUMP TO PAGE action use these settings:
    Page Name: The page you want the users to skip to, probably the one with the MODIFY REGISTRY action.
    Now add a Boolean condition: "%RegVar% = TRUE"."

    Now, the information that Mark gave me works; however, I need to be a little more specific about what I want to do. I have an End-User License Agreement page and a Forward page for my manual. If the user goes to the End-User License Agreement page and selects "Accept" then they go on to the Forward page and then the manual. If the user selects "decline" then the program exits. I want those who select "Accept" to be able to skip the End-User License Agreement and the Forward page and just go to the manual. But, those who "Decline", I want them to have to "Accept" before they can view my manual. Can you replace the "Viewed", in your instructions above, with "Accept", or something like that? Thank you again for your help.

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    Re: Using Modify Registry

    You can change it to whatever you want, it is only a value you give to the registry variable so the menu will have something to compare with the value you setup in the Boolean. It compares the two variables, and if they are the same then it execute the command that the Boolean is on otherwise the command is skiped, in your case the Boolean should be on a command to direct the user to the manual. Hope that wasn't too confusing.