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Thanks! ... another bug ... ?

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  • Thanks! ... another bug ... ?

    Thank you for the upgrade, it took care of the menu flash, now the menu looks great!
    I have only one other bug ...
    On one page I have an avi animating two words, which is looped ... I have placed a hyperlink over each word so when clicked, my menu will jump to other pages... One of the pages has a textbox where the avi was on the first page; the problem is when I jump to that page, everything else on the page changes to represent the second page except for what is under the textbox. The textbox seems to take a while to display and I can't get rid of what's being displayed in the avi from the first page till the textbox apears.
    I have tried to hide the avi when closing the first page, and when opening the second page, but nothing happens. What is being displayed is not animated, it is a still frame. Any Idea's ???

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    Re: Thanks! ... another bug ... ?

    Hi Steven,
    I have been unable to recreate your error over on my end. Perhaps you could create a ZIP archive of you project (in AutoPlay 3.0 under TOOLS -> CREATE ZIP ARCHIVE) and send that to me. That way I could see the problem occurring first hand. Is the AVI file large, or is the text file large? It just seems like it is refreshing slowly. Perhaps you could try jumping to a blank page, and on the blank page just jump to the page with the Text Box. Perhaps that will help, but until I can recreate this error on my system I don't know any good work-arounds.

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      Re: Thanks! ... another bug ... ?

      Thanks Mark ...

      After several atempts, I got it all to function ... I guess there is a limit to how much you can expect a few menu pages to do ...
      I tried putting in a blank page like you said, but discovered that the menu only flashed the page in memory; so I put an avi on it to slow things down a bit and it all works fine now ... I was really getting some strange happenings like no order in what was happening when ... avi's were showing up two or three times instead of just following the order I had set them to run.
      Maybe this will help anyone having similar problems; anyway, all is working fine now.