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Adding an icon to the Autorun.ini, how

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  • Adding an icon to the Autorun.ini, how

    I want to the autorun.ini so that an Icon appears, as well of or instead of the name of the CD

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    Re: Adding an icon to the Autorun.ini, how

    Thanks Mark. I bet I looked at that page a dozen times and missed that box on the bottom of the page...........


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      Re: Adding an icon to the Autorun.ini, how

      Instead of editing the autorun.ini file, what you should do is check the "Use External Icon File" checkbox in PROJECT -> SETTINGS.

      From the AutoPlay’s Help:
      Use external icon file
      If checked, you can specify the full path and filename of in icon file (in standard .ICO format) that you want to use to represent your CD-ROM as seen from the Windows Explorer. This icon will also appear in the top left corner of your menu's window and represent the menu on the Windows taskbar. You will need to use a Windows icon resource editor to create this icon file. If you leave the field blank, a default icon will be used.

      There is no feature in AutoPlay that you can use to change the icon of the Autorun.exe file.


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