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  • Another Newbie question

    I have just recently started using this program and so far so good. But Now I am wondering if/how to do this:
    I have a program that requires 2 CD's to be installed, ie. after CD 1 is complete it will state 'Insert CD 2'. Can AutoPlay Menu accomplish this if both CD's are on the one CD that I made? Or is this something that Autoplay is not able to do?

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    Re: Another Newbie question

    It depends on what sort of functionality you wanted. If you wanted a menu to appear on two different CD's, in a presentation sort of way, then this is possible. Basically you would split your menu into two, then at the point where you want to jump to the menu on the other CD, instead of a JUMP TO PAGE action you would display a DIALOG that says: “Please insert the next CD”. Then once the user clicks OK, the Menu would shut down. Now the user would insert the second CD into their drive and the second part of the menu would automatically start.
    If what you were after was the ability to, say, point to a file on a second CD-ROM then it all depends what sort of menu you have. If you menu is only one page then you can do it easily. Basically you do what was suggested above, except instead of doing it on the JUMP TO NEXT PAGE ACTION you would do it for every file that was not located on your CD-ROM.
    Basically AutoPlay 3.0 does not support multiple CD's internally, but there are work-arounds that you can use to get the functionality.

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