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How to include an avi.

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  • How to include an avi.

    I am trying the software and for the life of me I cannot put a quicktime or avi file onto a page.
    i am trying to use a button to be a click on for video to play,but how do you get the vid in ?????
    Can someone step me through how to setup a video in this program.
    Thank you.
    Nice work by the way.;-)

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    Re: How to include an avi.

    Hey Darr,.....

    Welcome to the forum. An avi can be added by clicking on "object" from the top menu bar and selecting the "avi video" option. The dialogue box opens and you can then click the button next to the white text box and find the avi in your directory, click on it and it's there. Choose your options and okay.
    (includes automatically play option...)

    Next, double click your button or text you're using for playing the video and go to the action tab. Use the drop down menu (button right below the word "properties" and select video....and your option.

    Avi's play in the builtin player, qt's will need the external player.

    Hope this helps. good luck.


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      Re: How to include an avi.

      Thank you michael very much.
      So you can have qt movs in program as well eh?
      Is it true that playback off the harddrive will sometimes give brocken lines on your vid screen on playback when reviewing?
      But should disappear on cdrom?
      I have noticed this acouple o times.
      Tahnx again for help.;-)


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        Re: How to include an avi.


        No reason for lines, certainly not on the hard drive.
        Sounds like something happened during the capture/encoding process. No lines should appear in AMS using the codecs you mentioned. I might suggest that you re-capture from the original clip, if that doesn't present a problem. Frame rate and other software capture settings might have something to do with this, but maybe a bad connection, too.

        If it's on the hard drive, it will probably be on the CD when burned. Clean it up first, then burn. Good luck.


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          Re: How to include an avi.

          Thank you Michael.
          I believe it was my codec settings after trying codecs all day to see what works and what does not.
          Seems like indeo 5 was sensitive to settings with screen size and ntsc settings.
          Thanx for the logic though.;-)