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Having a little trouble

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  • Having a little trouble

    I'm really new to this program and was testing it out.I made a simple interface to pop up with a "play movie" option on it.It worked fine when I previewed it, and then I burnt it on cd.I then deleted the contents of the Virtual Cd folder.When I put the cd in to test it, it wouldn't play the movie.

    I used play multimedia for the source, and it seems that it was trying to use the hard drive for the file, instead of the cd.What did I do wrong, and how can I remedy this?

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    Re: Having a little trouble

    What I do is this : Build the project
    - it should create a folder called output/whatever_name_you_choose, within that folder is an autorun program and another DATA folder. Place both of these on the CD using Adaptec or whatever. It should work from there.


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      Re: Having a little trouble

      You have to be sure to use the %SrcDrv% variable when you try to use anything by reference.
      For more information on the %SrcDrv% variable please see the Help File, or User's Guide.

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