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Help in adding a "wait" message???

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  • Help in adding a "wait" message???


    I did a search of the forums and didn't see this topic addressed, so hopefully I'm not retreading old ground. And if I am, forgive me - I'm a newbie with this particular program. I'm just getting started using AMS, and am using it to autorun CDs with a menu to select and play various (often fairly large) PowerPoint shows. The problem I've encountered is that because of the time sometimes needed for the .pps file to load, users get impatient and start clicking around while the file is loading, not knowing if the computer has responded or not. These clicks are, of course, remembered, and then executed in succession after the first selected file has completed. Does anyone have a suggestion for how to add a "Please wait..." message (or something similar) that would be smart enough to know when the selected file had loaded, after which the message could go away? Thanks for any help you can provide.

    Bob Bradford

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    Re: Help in adding a "wait" message???

    I have had this very same problem. I had to include a "Viewing Tips" button on the menu. This basically tells the user to be patient because some of the files are quite large. The other thing that I found speeds it up a little bit is by using the PowerPoint Viewer from the CD, instead of launching the user's Powerpoint, which takes forever in my case. The one problem of course is that the Viewer does not support some key features, such as animated gifs, picture bullets, etc. I have a lot of experience in using AMS for PowerPoint files. If anyone has any specific problems they're encountering, I'll be happy to assist if I can.

    Thanks... Great Forum!!