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Font color bug

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  • Font color bug

    This has happened for ages, but I forgot to mention it! When you highlight a piece of text, change the color to white - go to change the font size and go back to the text box, the color automatically changes to black - because in the font size dialog box, it has it set to black by default and not the colour you originally picked!

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    Re: Font color bug

    Hi David,
    This only happens when you use a custom colour or white. Basically what happens is that on the FONT dialog there is an option to change the colour of the text, you will notice that there is no option for custom colours or white. So what happens is you select white, then go to change the font, now the FONT dialog does not have your colour so it sets itself to BLACK (I guess black is the default). You will see that it works fine if you use one of the colours available from in the FONT dialog.
    Thanks for the information David, I hope that this helps.

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      Re: Font color bug

      Yeah, I knew it was something simple like that, I just found it annoying when I was in a hurry trying to get a project completed and had to go back constantly and change the colour back to white!