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Video and Transparency

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  • Video and Transparency

    When overlapping an image with transparencies over a video it ignores the transparency.......You can see it when working but when you build it doesn't work.....

    Can you use transparent images over video?

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    Re: Video and Transparency

    The problem that I had with IMAGES and AVI VIDEO Objects is that the AVI VIDEO Objects always override the IMAGE OBJECT. So if I place an IMAGE OBJECT over the AVI video, the AVI video will always appear in front, is this the problem that you are getting?
    As far as I know there is no way to place an IMAGE over and AVI video. The AVI video will always appear to be "in front" of the IMAGE Object.

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      Re: Video and Transparency

      You got it. Why the $%#$.... I guess I'll have to work around that. Does anyone know of a way to use an image over an avi without the avi overiding everything?


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        Re: Video and Transparency

        I have had similar things happen with AVI's and even a Text Box object. I couldn't place an image over that. The way I got around it is somewhat of a pain, but it works. I just copy the original page and go between them. The user doesn't realize he's actually switching to a new page without the video.