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  • QTVersion question

    I have an autoplay that checks for the quicktime version of 4.1.2 and if not found, launches the QT installer. That function works as expected.

    The problem I'm having occurs under these circumstances:

    1. QT 4.03 is already installed on the system.
    2. Autoplay launches the qt 4.1.2 installer, but an error message comes up that says another program (the autoplay program) has Quicktime in use or locked.

    3. Is there anything in Autoplay that would 'lock' quicktime files? Does the variable 'initialize %qtversion% setting lock up the registry or qt dlls? I have that set under the general settings. Unfortunately, I can't even skip over this and must terminate the QT install.

    This does not occur if the qt 4.1.2 installer is run outside of autoplay on top of the 4.0.3 version.

    This does not occur if there is no QT at all on a system.

    I need to leave the Autoplay running while QT is installing, so closing is not an option.

    besides not launching QT install from autoplay, any ideas what might cause this?

    Christine Cobb
    MediaPerSecond, Inc.
    [email protected]

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    Re: QTVersion question

    What happens if you try to run the QuickTime installation with out initializing %QTVersion%? Does the install work in that case? Perhaps you could tell me what the exact error message says, as this is sometimes this is very helpful. I have been able to run QuickTime installs on my system through AutoPlay many times with no problems. Does this error only occur on one system? What OS is that system?
    Perhaps if nothing seems to be solving your problem you could send me a ZIP ARCHIVE of your software, created in AutoPlay 3.0 under TOOLS -> CREATE ZIP ARCHIVE, so that I can examine your menu.

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      Re: QTVersion question

      Hi, thanks for the reply. I've investigated further and have concluded this problem occurs under these conditions: (the testing agency I use can reproduce on win 95/98/nt/2000 on a variety of PC systems.)

      1. A version of quicktime less than version 4.1.2 is already installed on the system. If QT is not installed at all, this problem does not occur.

      2. my Autoplay program was built with the initialized "%QTVERSION%" button checked.

      3. my Autoplay launches QT 4.1.2 install program from a button action. the autoplay window remains open in the background.

      4. When the QT install starts to copy newer quicktime files to the system, it can't because autoplay somehow has qt locked up.
      I suspect it has something to do with the initialize qtversion setting.

      But, I need that setting because I want to check what QT version is already installed and only require users "without" QT 4.1.2 to have to install it.

      The QT install message is a warning:

      "In order for your QT software to be updated, all running QT applications must be shut down."

      -OK- -Cancel-
      (there are no other apps. running except the autoplay program and QT install)

      If you click OK, it closes my autoplay program. I need to keep autoplay open because I have a start button on the screen that the user clicks to launch my main program after QT is installed. I'd rather the user didn't have to remove and reinsert the CD or launch the main program manually.

      I did find somewhat of workaround using a second autoplay .exe

      On one button, I put the following action:
      Launch QT install
      Launch second .exe program containing my START program button (without QTversion checking.)
      Exit the main autoplay window

      This seems to work in terms of QT installing, but when the second autoplay program opens it is on top of (takes focus away from) the QT install window(even if I launch QT last or first), so that will probably confuse the user.

      What I'm really curious about is what is autoplay doing to the system when initialize
      %QTversion% is set? I suspect this is why the QT install complains about the autoplay program.



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        Re: QTVersion question

        I came up with a solution, using two autoplays.

        1. Autoplay 1 checks for QT, if not present or wrong version, it opens autoplay 2(no qtversion variable), and exits itself.

        2. Autoplay 2 executes the QT installs program and hangs around in the background.

        works like a charm! no more errors or complaints from the QT update program.