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Suspending AMS from re-loading

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  • Suspending AMS from re-loading

    I am creating a menu that will prompt to insert another CD and install an application.
    Once the installation is complete, I would like to have the original CD replaced, and the user should continue to be at the same location.

    When this is done, the autorun menu is started again. This causes there to be two instances of the menu. Is there a way to prevent this?

    Having the user close down the menu is not an option.

    So far all works well, and after the installation is completed, the user is returned to the same location.

    The only issue now is that AMS starts again. I am just looking for a way to prevent this.


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    Re: Suspending AMS from re-loading

    What you might want to do, although this would be risky, is to block your menu from starting if a certain registry key exists. So you when your menu starts you would check the registry to see if a certain key exists, if it does then make sure that your menu quits. So you would have a READ FROM REGISTRY action and a CLOSE/EXIT action that would occur on the PROJECT STARTUP event. The CLOSE/EXIT action would have a BOOLEAN CONDITION that that specific registry key existed. Then when you prompt the user to insert another CD-ROM to install the other software, you would create the registry key. Now when the original CD-ROM is inserted, after the installation, the AutoPlay menu would not start again because the registry key exists. That would work; you just have to make sure to delete the registry whenever you exit the menu. So delete the key on the PROJECT CLOSE event.
    Hopefully this explains how to accomplish this, if you need more details feel free to contact me.

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