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tbybee (or anyone): need help running PowerPoint Viewer from CD

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  • tbybee (or anyone): need help running PowerPoint Viewer from CD

    tbybee - you indicated in your response to an earlier post of mine (titled "help in adding a "wait" message") that you had a lot of experience using AMS for PowerPoint files, and that you had seen improvement in the load time by running the PowerPoint Viewer directly from the CD. I want to try this, and wonder if you could please provide a quick tutorial of how to set up and run the Viewer directly from CD, using it to open a specific PowerPoint file on the CD. My need is kind of urgent. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much.


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    Re: tbybee (or anyone): need help running PowerPoint Viewer from CD

    You first need to obtain the Powerpoint Viewer for the CD. You may need to select the Pack and Go feature in Powerpoint. You will find it under the File dropdown. It may not have been installed originally and might ask you to install it.

    From this will come the stand-alone viewer and some .dll's etc. You should copy the whole directory of viewer related files to your CD. When you select the presentation in the menu, be sure you Execute Program and select the location of the ppview32.exe file. Then indicate the location and filename you want to open with the viewer. Now, be sure you know the limitations of this viewer, (does not support animated gifs and picture bullets). I believe there are some other things, but those are two biggies that affect me the most. If you need some additional help with this, I'd be happy to help you on the phone or by email.

    Tony Bybee (913.338.9899)
    [email protected]