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  • High Quality Video

    I want to ask the AMS brother/sisterhood a deceptively simple question.
    What's the best combination of software and technique,to achieve the most amount of high quality video on a AMS3 produced cd?
    As a beginner I've found that avi files take up a lot of space for very little time. Capturing avi and using it in AMS3
    seems to lose quality in the movement department. Any fast movement causes break-up in the picture.
    I'd be grateful for some expert advice.
    Has any one considered the possibilities of using DivX?


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    Re: High Quality Video

    This is from a post by Jimmy Bond, who seems to know a lot about videos: ( )
    For all you out there having the "CD ROM Dilemma"
    When viewing a avi from a cd the average CD Rom pumps out 300K/Sec..... That isn't very much comparing to my hard drive.....
    The key is first is to use lower quality sound, 8 bit mono MCI. Do not use a codec.

    Second, if you want to make you life easier use the codec's built into Autoplay

    Intel Indeo (IR31 or IR32)
    Supermatch Cinepak
    Microsoft RLE (MS-RLE)
    Microsoft Video 1 (MS-CRAM)

    Make sure that the data rate of the the audio and video combined are around 300k/sec
    to do that reduce the framerate of your video to 15fps and depending on the codec use compression. Keep the file small...320X240 is the largest I would go, if it doesn't compromise the look of your video you can use zoom from Autoplay to make it look bigger. Finally use a key frame every 15 frames. That should keep your video playing smooth.

    If you are familiar with Visual Basic I have a program to automatically install Indeo 5 and then register it into the registry with no user input. Hope that helped.



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