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  • Custom Verb

    Can someone explain what this is exactly and provide an example please. I have read in the Help, but still don't quite understand.

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    Re: Custom Verb

    The Custom Verb action is an action that most people will not ever use, but it is designed to allow you to access commands associated with a program that you cannot, normally, with AutoPlay.
    For example if you look in the registry under: "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Word.Document.8\shell" you will see four entries: NEW, OPEN, PRINT, and PRINTTO. These are all the "verbs" that a Word Document has. You can access all of these options using AutoPlay's normal actions except for PRINTTO, which I believe prints the document to a file. So if you wanted to use the PRINTTO verb on a word document you would create a CUSTOM VERB action, with FILE NAME being the full path to your Word document, and your Custom Verb being PRINTTO.
    Basically this action just insures that if there is a custom verb provided by a piece of software, you can access it.

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