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    I know this is an easy question for most of you guys out there;so, im trying to open up a txt file with the aid of a simple button. This works fine until i burn my project to disk then an box comes up saying could'nt find file etc... could some kind soul point me in the right direction please.


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    Re: Simple Question

    O.k. when you reference files in AutoPlay you have to use the built in variable %SrcDrv%, which is the "Source Drive", the root of the drive that the menu is being executed on. You should also be using the VIRTUAL CD-ROM folder. Usually I set my VIRTUAL CD-ROM folder to C:\VIRTUAL CD, and then I place all my files in that directory. So lets say I have a TXT document I want to open located in C:\VIRTUAL CD\DOCS\MYTXT.TXT. Now the purpose of the VIRTUAL CD-ROM folder is to mimic the ROOT of the CD-ROM during preview. So the path I would use to access the TXT document in AutoPlay would be: "%SrcDrv%\DOCS\MYTXT.TXT", which means that the folder DOCS must be located on the ROOT of the CD-ROM and MYTXT.TXT must be located in that folder. Now after you have previewed and tested your menu, set your output path to your VIRTUAL CD-ROM, and build your menu so that all the AutoPlay files are located in the VIRTUAL CD-ROM folder. Now burn the CONTENTS of your VIRTUAL CD-ROM folder onto the ROOT of the CD-ROM. So if your CD drive is E:\ the TXT document would be located in the following path: E:\DOCS\MYTXT.TXT (basically C:\VIRTUAL CD becomes E:\), and AutoPlay would be looking in %SrcDrv%\DOCS\MYTXT.TXT. Now since you are running off of the E:\ drive %SrcDrv% will be set to: "E:" (no quotes) and AutoPlay will find the TXT document correctly. So:

    Hard Drive:
    (Where ROOT is the root of the CD-ROM, i.e. E


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