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Playing Real Video Files

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  • Playing Real Video Files

    I'm trying to play a Real Video file in my project using the "Play Multimedia" attached to a text button. I placed the presentation on CD-Rom to test it, when the button to play the Real file is pressed I get the following message:

    "there is no application associated with the given file name extension"

    the thing is that there is, I copied the file to my computer, executed it and it opens just fine with Real Player so the file association is fine. I tried changing the extension with the ones that I placed on the CD-Rom, I have used "rm & ram" and nothing, I still get the same message. I used the same command with an avi file and it plays fine, but I really need to use the real format.

    Any suggestions? please help :-(

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    Re: Playing Real Video Files

    If the PLAY MULTIMEDIA action returns that error, and you know that the file format is supported try using the OPEN DOCUMENT action instead. Personally I believe that it is best to always use the OPEN DOCUMENT command, because some multimedia formats/players do not support the PLAY shell verb.


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      Re: Playing Real Video Files

      it worked :-)

      thanks a lot!!!